The ones that make our life worth living.

Family is such a big word that has many meanings depending on your experience and situation. One thing stays the same they are the ones we live and die for. Whether your family is the one your were born into or a motely crew you have gathered over the years, family is family. Those bonds stand the test of time and are always there to lift you up. When we write our legacy and our life story what moments with them will you put there? That time you went to some random park, because it was pretty to some pictures or Sunday dinner all together at Grandma's with the newest generation causing chaos while everyone else relaxes and talks about times gone by? 



Best friends... One of the most unique relationships out there, but the least celebrated.


I don't know about y'all but I LOVE my best friends. To me they are as important to me as my husband and my children. They are part of the rock that keeps me standing. Sound familiar? Why is it then that of all the relationships we go out of our way to photograph, it is the one that always falls through the cracks? Now is the time to change that! Grab that bestie of yours and lets capture those favorite moments of yours together! They are just important to your story as one else, in some case more important, so lets show that relationship and that bestie of yours some love!



your story begins with you why not celebrate it?

Each person on this Earth leaves a mark on it. You leave your adventure. Some are sad, some are kind, some are even inspiring, but the one thing they have in common is their beginning. No matter who else enters or leaves your jstory, you will always be there, because it is yours to tell. Why not tell your adventure the way you see it? Why not celebrate yourself?

I know that might sound a little prideful or boostful, but is it really? You aren't doing it to show off to the world, you are simply doing it for yourself. Reminding yourself of the goodness in your life, the endless potential you have and celebrating how far you have already come!




the short time between childhood and adulthood




what to expect/wear?

Anything! lol Really the most important thing is that you are comfortable in it. Believe it or not how you feel in  your outfit translates to your images. If you love what you are wearing and you feel fabulous we will see it, on the flip side if you uncomfortable or self conscious about what you're wearing we'll see that too. Don't worry though we can discuss it when we have your pre-session consult!

what does an experience with you look like?

It is just that an experience. If you are looking for someone to just show up, snap a couples and call it good, I am not your gal. What I offer is much more. 

  • The first step is to set up your pre-session consultation and session dates. There we will discuss what it is that your are looking for, which session you would like and what package you feel fits your needs. This is also a great time to ask any questions you might have! I will send you a questionnaire before hand, so that we are both on the same page.
  • Next comes the nitty gritty details...contract. Once we have discussed the important details and set up a firm time, date and location I will send over a contract for you to sign. I can't photograph a session without.
  • Finally the real fun begins! I will come to our agree upon location and we will start recording your story!
  • Just as exciting as your session is your reveal! This is when I get to deliver your awesome proof gallery and you can select which images you want for you package.  
  • I will place your order asap and hand deliver when possible or mail your order directly to your house!

do you have a retainer?

Yes! 50% of the session fee is due at signing to reserve your date. Don't worry it all goes toward your session package! Check out the next question for more details.

do your sessions include products?

Yes! Each session offers a select number of digital images and an album. I also offer a selection of other products if you wish to purchase things like prints, canvases, images or other such products. 

how long does it take to receive our images?

Your gallery is available 2-3 weeks after your session and view-able during your in-person reveal. You will be able to download the digital images you have selected within 48hrs, but any products you want will take additional time since they won't be ordered until after your reveal.

how do i receive my photographs?

Any digital images you have purchased will be delivered via online gallery. Physical products I look forward to hand delivering whenever possible! If however I can't do that then I will have them sent directly to your home!  

where are you located?

My home base is in Lacey, WA, but I love to travel! You will often find me roaming the PNW. This place is so beautiful how could you not?

what will you photograph?

The story as it happens! Before the session we will chat about what are some of you favorite things (habits, details, items etc) that will be the most meaningful for you. I will look for those details and moments as we go about your session.

where should we have a session?

Somewhere meaningful to you and I love working in homes. If your first thought is "yikes my house is a mess I wouldn't want that!" Stop right there! No one's house is truly perfect all the time and where would the fun be if it was. Most of your memories are created within those four walls and when things move to the next chapter of life they will be some of the ones you will cherish the most. 

If in home is not for you then lets talk about your favorite places besides your home. Your favorite places to explore, hang out or relax at.

what should i do with my photographs after our session?

Anything and everything! lol Wall colleges and photobooks are always top on my list, but there are tons of fun creative ways to display your images in a way that tell your story from image blocks to brag books. The only limit is your imagination or in my case my imagination and pinterest's inspiration. 

are you willing to travel for a session?

Yes! I love to travel! While most of my sessions are within Thurston County, I am always open to traveling outside the area to work with you. Ask me about custom prices that includes travel.

Fine Print

  • All sessions are first come first serve basis and require a signed contract and retainer to book your desired session and date.
  • All money put down for your retainer is non-refundable as it secures your date and time. However if needed you can transfer it one time to a different session or time.
  • Contracts must be signed and payment made in full before services will be provided.
  • The remainder of the session fee is due one week prior to the session.
  • All payments required for product packages must be paid in full before products can be ordered.  
  • Payment plans available.
  • WA state taxes not included in prices.
  • All prices and packages subject to change.