Say Hello to Ames and Nath!

These two have been friends, since...well almost birth. They first met when we all moved to the island of Oahu about the time Ames turned 3 months old-ish, thanks to the Army. Nathan is roughly a year older then my Ames. They basically grew up together as his mom and I became closer friends. Once she could talk well enough Ames would asked every night before bed, if we could play at the park with her Nath. It was the sweetest thing.

Being military kids though is a tough gig. There is just no way to get around it. There is however a way to ease the aches and pains that come with it and that is with what Ames and Nath found, true friendship.

After enjoying three wonderful years  together on the island we knew our time was up. Personally this was going to be my ninth move just since my hubs and I have been married, so this was no big. My girls though... This was their first. 

When it came time I knew we had to do something special for them. Military life is hard enough without having to say goodbye to the only friends you've ever known, let alone your very best friend. The one that got you through your Daddy's schools and deployment. It couldn't be just a simple trip to the park either, it needed to be something extra special that they could hold on to and look back on years later. 

Thankfully his momma is one of very best friends and a fellow photographer. She understood exactly what I thinking....Shaved Ice on the North Shore!

It has been months since this wonderful day and thanks to things like modern technology and social media we are able to keep in touch, but Ames still asks to go play with her Nath almost daily. She also misses her Aunty Candice dearly. 

Do you have any suggestions to help friends keep in touch after one of them has moved away? If you had the chance to take pictures with your best friend every year would you do it? How about your kids? I would love to hear your thoughts!