Raise your hand if those words have ever crossed your lips.

Is your hand raised?? Mine sure is! I can't tell you how many times I have heard and said those words in my life!

"That sounds like sounds so much fun....BUT we're just so boring, we just (insert said boringness)"


"I love your work/the idea behind your work...BUT we're just so boring, we just (insert boring activity)" 

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or my personal favorite...

"Ugh girl. I wish I was as [adventurous/outgoing...insert perceived excited quality] as you, but I'm just so boring I just (insert boring activity)"

Guess what people?!? In my three...ish long decades of life I have yet to meet a truly BORING person! *gasp* There I said it! I am calling y'all out. lol 

Don't get me wrong, I totally get it, because I have been there too. Heck I still feel that way sometimes myself! You get stuck in the every day routine and it's hard to see beyond the daily grind. 

We get so caught up in running from here to there trying make sure we leave our stamp on this world and survive it, that we forget to live in it....or we think we do, but really it's all about perspective.  

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Here's the thing, every action we take, every part of our daily grind, our...survival mode for some of us... makes us who we are, makes us so uniquely us!! Sure we could be better at this, that and the other. We could all try to be world travelers, bombtastic yogis or kick butt at...kayaking, urban gardeners or whatever strikes your fancy, and honestly nothing is stopping you from doing that, but yourself. However don't discredit the awesomeness of your life as it is now and definitely don't confuse your quiet moments for boring ones. A busy life does not automatically equal an interesting life, it's just that, busy. 

It may not be all glitz and glamour right now and it's not meant to be. Life is a messy, chaotic, ball of awesome but that's not preventing it from being breathtakingly beautiful and super intriguing! You don't need that wow factor, you keep looking for, in your life, because you already have it. You just need the eyes to see it. 

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It took me a long time to get there, but now I can't sit down in a room or walk down a street without looking around and wondering about every soul around me. What brought them here? What is their story? Where are they from? What was their childhood like? What are their dreams and hidden talents? What adventures have they had or dream of? Who do they love and who loves them? The list goes on for ages.... Some would call me nosy and maybe I am. lol I call myself genuinely curious.

I live for the stories of others and all that we can bond over and learn from each other.

So my question to you is....are you really that boring? 


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