I was asked recently by a mentor what inspired me and I wasn't allowed to say my kids. lol For a lot of us in the community our kids are our go to answer. It really made me stop though and think what does inspire me beyond that?

Honestly? Regret... Living through what I have in my scant 28 years I have come to see the value in not only doing your best for yourself and those you love, but to record your time together. We don't know how many tomorrows we have, why waste them?

Beyond my own experiences, there is also the C word.... There is a very real and possibly high probability that I will one day get some form of cancer (thank you genetics! lol). It is a reality that I have both accepted and fear, but also one that I use to motivate me.

If/when that day arrives I want there to be no regrets. No dreams sidelined, no land left unexplored, no potential friends missed, no food left untried, or many other experiences missed out on. 

I want there to be no doubt in my daughters' minds how I love them with every fiber of my being or what my hopes and dreams for them. I want to make sure that they know they are everything I could have ever hoped for and more when I saw those pink lines. That there is nothing that they could ever do in their lives to take away that love.

I want my husband to remember me in all my forms, whether I beat it or not. For him to see the love we share and remember the good times, when the bad ones are too strong. I want to be able to look back on the life we have shared and be proud of all we have experienced and accomplished. 

I want to be someone for my girls' to look up to, so they know that they can achieve their dreams too no matter what they may be. That the only things standing in their way are their own fears. 

Most of all? I want to be remembered. I want my world, my loves to have physical way to remember me...us. All of our highs and lows, our tears and giggles, our adventures. 

If I can help someone beyond them to reach for their dreams, love themselves and see the collateral beauty in their own lives, then I will have achieved all I could have asked for.

That in a nut shell is what motivates me. My husband, my girls, every other beautiful soul I run into and the adventures that await us around every corner if we have the will to dive in! 

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