This duo speaks so much to my heart. 

I would like you to meet Brittany and Tiphani, best friends of 3 years! I know that doesn't sound like long, but things move fast when your husbands' are in the military. One thing you learn quick is to make friends fast and make them count. These two are an amazing example of that! 


best friends- Lacey- Washington

When I sat down with them for their pre-session consolation I knew I had struck gold. They reminded me so much of my best friends and I it made my heart ache a little in jealousy, not going to lie!

One of the many questions I asked during our meeting was "what do you guys typically do together?" Their list included Target browsing, camping out at each others homes, snapchatting and watching Supernatural together. You know the typical best friend activities. lol


During our pre-session meetup they also shared with me that it was time for Tiphani's husband to be reassigned and that they would be moving soon. My heart broke for them. I know the feeling of being forced to leave such an amazing relationship behind.


best friends-lacey-wa-documentary

I am sure you are saying to yourself...'it's not like they will never speak again! They will still be best friends no matter the distance.' and you would be so very right. The part that hurts is knowing all that you used to do and the support you gave each other will never be the same. It will now involve way more technology then you would like and less of the goodness of being in each other presence.

Personally knowing what they were about to experience I knew this couldn't be just any session, it had to be extra special. If nothing else we were only going to get one shot at it before Tiphani left! After chatting with them some more we were able to narrow down their favorite things, so that we could capture their relationship the best possible. This of course meant lunch at home, a run to Target and playing on Snapchat!

best friends-lacey-wa-documentary

These two and snapchat.... My face hurt I was laughing so hard!

That day SnapChat had this hilarious filter with a unibrow and flowers (bottom second from the left) and we realized that with that filter Brittany looked JUST LIKE AMY FARRAH FOWLER!! (Big Bang Theory)

best friends-lacey-wa-documentary

We were in stitches over that one for a good minute! The kids keep giving up side long glances.

After we got ourselves back under control we headed out for their Target run. Seriously watching these two....I could seem them in 40 years being that hilarious old ladies who had constantly has everyone in stitches, because you just never know what they will say or do! You know the ones we all want to be and adore.

best friends-lacey-wa-documentary
best friends-lacey-wa-documentary
best friends-lacey-wa-documentary

I wish that everyone had a best friend the way that Tiphani and Brittany have each other. There would be a lot more laughs and goodness in it!