I am going to warn you I might gush a smidge with this one.... I met this gorgeous momma on a facebook group created for mom entrepreneurs. I had been looking to connect with other boss momma's in my area when I stumbled into her and man did I luck out when I did!

Not only this momma a great lady, but she is also a CHEF and blogger! You know I love me some food.....Her husband is just as cool working as a voice tech creator for Amazon. Then there is their little man Big G. OH MY GOSH what a freakin' ham! It took him a minute to warm up to me, but once he did he just had me in stitches. My face hurt by the time I left, he had me smiling so much and so hard! It was so much fun being able to enjoy their Saturday morning with them.

First big G and mom made their morning smoothies, which I got to taste! (I was hesitant about the chia seeds, but it was totally awesome!) Then we relaxed while he played, read stories and ate snacks. At one point he disappeared and came back with little symbols. We started talking about their love music when Big G started to serenade me with the cutest rendition of the ABC's I have heard in a long time! Then of course I just HAD to see his drum set. 

When we headed downstairs to the play room I was expecting a toy set or even one of those mini ones. NOPE! There was a full set of drums in there. That's when they explained that he and daddy play together all the time! *insert heart melting* How freakin cute is that, right?!  I was really sad when it was time to go.

As you may know legacies are a big thing to me. I ask mom what she wanted her legacy to be both personal and professional, this was her reply:

"My hope is to, first and foremost, teach my boys to be good people - ones who care about others and find their purpose on this earth. Business-wise, my goal is to continue demystifying healthy eating and showing people that anyone can take control of their lives and their health through simple changes and delicious food.

My business, Cooking with a Full Plate, is all about fast recipes for healthy families. Being a parent myself, I know how hard it is to fit everything in. And yet, I believe that one of the most important things we can do as parents is to take good care of ourselves and lay a foundation for our kids to help them become healthy, well-informed adults. My goal is to make healthy eating less complicated and more delicious and fun!"

From what I saw she is doing a fabulous job at just that and so is dad! Fifi (the name Big G decided his little brother needed lol) is going to be one lucky little boy when he arrives!