When we found out we were moving back to Washington I knew I had to do a session with this cute couple! Why you ask? Well Em is family! Wellll.... she's my best friend's younger sister, so she might as well be. lol Not to mention that she is so sweet, smart and hilarious. I was so glad when they agreed to model for me! 

We had chatted off and on since we moved in, but with all the craziness going on we hadn't set a date yet. That is until she told me that Colby got into Ranger School (Yay!) and would be leaving soon. We set a date right then and there. The next realization for me was that he was going to miss the arrival of his first little one. For those of us in the military this is no new thing, but it still disappointing when they miss the big stuff. Thankfully all of her support system is close by, so she won't be alone. 

Since this would be one of the last times they could go out together before little man arrived we wanted to make it fun and special. Colby, sweet man that he is, let Em pick what we were doing. Of course that meant baby shopping at target! I mean come on who doesn't love shopping at Target, especially in the baby section?! That place is so my weakness.....

After perusing all that Target had to offer and firming up their registry we headed back toward home to find out that Tex, their furbaby, had gotten out of his crate! Everything was all good, but he had us worried for a minute. Right before I headed home I was able to catch some adorable moments of the two of them reading to little man, something that they do often and hope to do every night before putting him to sleep.

He is going to be one lucky boy when he gets here!