Well it's official... I am the momma to a 4 year old! Warning I am going to be completely corny for a minute. I can't believe how the time has flown! She has gotten so big, obstinate, kind hearted, determined and very much her own girl. Yet it feels like just yesterday I was getting my first cuddle from her before she was rushed to the NICU for the next 3 weeks. Man it is so true when they say you blink and you miss it. She has lived so much in her short life that it is heartbreaking and inspiring. She is so strong even in her weakness. I am constantly inspired by her and her tenacity, but I digress.

Our original plans got demolished by mother nature, so we did the next best thing. Lunch and play time at her favorite lunch stop, Chick Fli' A, followed gifts and cake at home. 

She requested a strawberry Minnie Mouse cake and I did my best, but I think their cupcakes turned out much better! The girls has such a blast helping me make them and then frosting them, it was so fun to watch. Loo couldn't quite wrap her head around the fact that none of Ames' gifts were for her. Thankfully Ames shared with her...a little. 

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I can't wait to see how much you grow this year. 

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