This week is going to be another short one since I am still recovering. It is seriously KILLING me to not be able to use my right hand like normal....mainly cause I haven't picked up my camera in OVER A WEEK!!! Sigh... It has been a very long 7 days in our house to say the least. It has been getting better though. The weirdest part would be when I can feel it mending itself! Talk about awkward.

We have had some good news today though. My husband's orders finally came down, so we can get packed back up again. Yeah I know, we just got here and finally got all our stuff back and now we're leaving again. Normally I would say that's the Army for ya and leave it at that, but that would not be the case this time.

No this time it was our choice or should I say mainly Andy's choice and I couldn't be prouder of him for it. See technically he should still be in Warrant Officer School about ready to graduate and move on to the next school. However during reception, which is the first phase of the school, he came to a crossroads. He had been talking to the leadership about what to expect over the next 8 years of his commitment and it hit him how much separation there would be. It's not like we walked into this thing blind or anything. I mean we've spent most of our youngest life separated. But he realized very quickly that he had to choose between his dream career of flying helicopters for the military or his family, because he couldn't have both. He resigned his spot in the school that day after talking it over with me.

For those in the military community know how hard this decision is for both of us. Even though we know it is the right move for our family there is still a huge feeling of guilt, a keen sense of loss and a lot of sadness involved with it. Not to mention the fear of the unknown! On the flip side we are really excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of us!

Now for the best part......

Yup you read that right we're are headin' BACK to Ft. Lewis, WA! I realize Loo's box says summer and not October. I had to reuse our original announcement images since my hand is still being a bum. I hope you can forgive me! Andy still has a couple years left on his original contract, so we will finish out his time there. EEEeeekkkKKK!!! We're just a little excited! lol

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