I have to say it feels like this last week as flown by and drug on at the same time. We have been in moving prep mode, but with everything I am tried to get my business up and running I have honestly started to ignore my to-do lists. Hardly the smartest choice I could've made, but I'm still trying to recoup from the last one! lol

Other then procrastinating on our move stuff, we have had some fun. Normally we are a no technology until you're older family, but with all the craziness we softened on that and let the girls use my tablet while I work. Unfortunately it seems my girls have become addicted just like the Mayo clinic warned. So when my oldest dropped my tablet and shattered the screen ( on accident) we decided it was time to ween them off. To say the last couple days have been Hell would be an understatement. Just this morning my youngest cried for 5 solid minutes, because she couldn't play with my phone! It just affirmed our choice to cut them off. My girls are normally such happy little things....

On a happier note we finally found a place up in Lacey, WA that might work for us and submitted an application. Now we wait. I am praying we get it since on post is not an option. 

Even better news....We found out yesterday that my husband got promoted  and is now a Sargent!!! He has been promotable for over two years now, but with the Army getting rid of his job (MOS) they wouldn't drop the points for anyone to get promoted. What's this about points?

Well each branch is different, but the Army gives points for different things like time in service, various schools, and your degree. There is a max number that they will leave it at when they don't have a position to fill, since practically nobody can max out their points for any given rank. However if they need to fill a spot they will drop the required points to allow whatever number of people they need, to get promoted. 

Thanks for stoppin' by y'all! You should pop on over to Candice's blog to see what she's up to and have a great week!