Sooo I couldn't wait the full two weeks to pick up my camera. Surprise surprise! I mean who are we kidding though? That is eons when you are used to doing it everyday and I can't let myself get rusty.... righhtt..... Well I probably should have waited at least a little longer, but I did use my left hand, so it's like I waited. Except how sore my thumb was after. lol

Anywho I knew that if I was going to do it I had to make it count and what better time then the Denver Broncos season opener?! Go Broncos! Unfortunately those didn't turn out, cause well I was shooting with my left hand for the first time, BUT the ones I took of the girls playing in the rainstorm that night did! Thankfully that little rainstorm was all we got of the hurricane that passed along Florida last week and the girls made the most of it. Now Ames can't stop talking about the muddle puddles and keeps asking to go play in them again. Oh to be young again.... 

Once you're doing enjoying my wonderfully messy kiddos, you should check out Candice's blog and she what she's up to this week!