This week has been a wild, crazy,  exhausting and very rewarding one at our house! First of I'd like to welcome you to my new space! Thanks to my fabulous bestie and partner in crime, Candice, for getting it up and going. It still needs some love, so bare with me. I'm just so excited to be taking this first step of many for me to get my studio open this fall!


In addition to that wonderfulness our household goods arrived on Wednesday!! We have been knee deep in boxes, paper, and awesomeness for two days and loving it. It has been like our birthdays, anniversary and Christmas all rolled into one. lol Seriously I forgot how amazing our bed was or maybe spending the last 6 months bed hopping and on an air mattress has made me appreciate more. Either way I had the best night sleep in AGES that first night even with Ames sneaking into it at the wee hours of morning, squishing me to the very edge (per usual) and snoring in my ear. Nothing was going to ruin that magical memory foam yummyness! 


Waiting Patiently

Ooo and my desktop! I actually squealed when I saw it come of the truck! My sweat Petunia had arrived! My sweet hubs worked all night to get her back yup to her former glory. It was like a breathe of fresh air work with her again. The girls were soo excited to have all their things again they almost couldn't take a nap. That happiness level has only been rivaled by seen their Daddy after long separations and I totally understand the feeling. 

The sad news is that it will be back in truck again shortly.... We don't know when yet, but we will be on the move back up to the great PNW. We have a had a change in plans (I will explain more on that later) and will be heading back to Fort Lewis sometime in late September early October. This has been a great, often stressful adventure, but we are so grateful for the opportunity that we have had to live down here for even such a short time. The weather maybe a little much for us, but it is more then made up for it by the beauty here and the wonderful people! 

Alright party people thanks for lasting with me for this long! Don't forget to check out what my girl Candice is doing over on the island! Until next week. <3