Ahh Thanksgiving...One of my absolutely favorite holidays! Really any holiday that inspires family gatherings, good food and sharing the love in our hearts is my favorite. I have to admit this was probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings so far.

We arrived at my parents in Oregon Wednesday evening expecting for it to just be us and my step-mom since Dad would already be at work, but we walked into a wonderful surprise! My Uncles and Aunts traveled all the way from Utah with a couple of my cousins in tow without telling anyone! Best surprise ever! 

The normal Telford traditions of lots of laughs, chatting late into the night and snacking ensued. I nearly botched the pumpkin pie and set off the fire alarm three different times, although that one was not entirely my fault. lol Thankfully not EVERYONE was there to witness it since it was so late.

Thanksgiving morning dawned slowly for everyone until the little got up and encouraged them. There was so much fun going on it's hard to pick out the parts that stood out the most. I would say though that it was probably when we sat down for dinner. After the prayer was offered we settled and started a new tradition. It is actually one borrowed from my step-mom's family and one I had been wanting to do for awhile now....Giving Thanks! 

I know vague much, but that is basically what we did. Each person told us two things that we were thankful for. The overall them was our family, this great country and the freedoms it affords and our love for each other. There was not a dry eye when it was Grandma's turn and she talked about Grandpa. This is the first Thanksgiving since he passed, but we saved a seat for him. I know he would have loved having us all together again.

Thanks for stopping by! Now that you have heard all about my week you should check out what my girls Candice was up to!