In all our years living in Hawaii only once did I regretted the life my girls were experiencing....the lack of snow! Growing up in Washington and Oregon I am very fond of white Christmases, hot cocoa and everything else that go with them. All the beautiful beaches definitely wormed their way into heart, but nothing could replace my love for my mountains and proper wintery weather. 

This one of the many reasons I was ecstatic about taking the girls to explore Mt. Rainier!  This was the girls' first ever seeing snow. We realized very quickly how unprepared we were for the colder temps, but thankfully it wasn't too cold up there... yet. As it was Loo decided she was cold and done with it all about half way through our hike. Poor thing had soaked through my gloves she was wearing and her headband warmer wouldn't stay on her little head. 


Of course that didn't stop her from trying to stomp, throw and eat every spot of snow that we could find! They both were in hog heaven up there. Ames was just as bad as Loo about touching every bit of snow along the path. Poor Ames ended up learning proper respect for the snow after she biffed it TWICE trying to run on the icier patches. I pray that lessons sticks or it could be a long winter. lol 

Because it was raining when we arrived I left my big beasty in the car and had to resort to documenting our adventure with my phone. It's not the end of the world, but I definitely prefer my beasty. I guess it's time to invest in some rain gear for her! 

Don't forget to see what Candice is up to this week! Until next time hugs and love!