This week I had the opportunity to step outside my own genre and stretch my creative muscles while making new friends. Best day EVER! I joined a local photography group here and this last weekend they hosted, what is called  a shootout. A shootout is done either as a teaching/mentoring session or a relaxed, just for fun thing. It involves several photographers and one or more models. Both are great learning experience and so much fun. Towards the end it can sometimes feel like we're paparazzi!

I can't express how excited I was to meet new people and to step outside my genre. I love the challenge of trying out a new style and the insight it gives me into my own. We were so lucky to have three beautiful couples show up. An engaged couple, a newly wed couple and a maternity couple. They were all stunning and a joy to work with. The only thing I regret was that I missed the SURPRISE proposal! 

The couple that had come to model in our engagement setup was just dating when they arrived. Within a couple minutes of our leaders getting them into place he pop the question!! All but two of us were working with the other two couples and totally missed it. We did get some amazing images of them afterword though, so that makes up for it a bit...I I LOVE surprises!

Anywho I hope that y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of good times, yummy food, great company and a lot of laughs. It feels wrong to save my Thanksgiving pictures for next week, but we are down at my parents and I have been cut off from my editing program until I get home again! 

When you are done here pop on over to Candice's blog to see what's going on in her world this week.

Until next time lovelies, hugs & love!