I am soo excited to tell you about our latest adventure! We figured no time like the present to get started on our Puget Sound bucket list and our first stop? The Hand's On Children's Museum in Olympia! Now walking in I had the bar set pretty high and I wasn't expecting much. The children's museum in Hawaii looked like it hadn't come out of the 90's and I grew up going to OMSI down in Portland, which is two floors of pure awesomeness with an IMax attached. I mean we would do overnight trips there to explore everything it is so cool.

THIS ONE BLEW THOSE OUT OF THE WATER!!! My girls were in hog heaven. We had to tare them away from the first section, which had a life size play house, store, diner and farm. Then there was the science section full of watery fun including a BOAT! After that we went out to their gardens, trike races and Puget Sound Beach area. Thankfully it wasn't raining so being outside was fun. When we came back it, it took a lot of persuasion to get them not to go back to what they had already seen. Once they saw the cop car, nursery, helicopter, ambulance and fire truck they were sold. The best part? That was just the FIRST FLOOR!! The second floor was all about nature, construction, arts and crafts and a kick butt tree house that had a slide doing down to the first floor!! 

As you might imagine we will be going back, enough to possibly need a membership! lol I highly recommend that anyone coming here will kids NEEDS to check it out!

Alright enough gushy from me. Don't forget to hop on over and see what Candice is up to!

Hugs & Love until next time!

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