We made it! This time instead of 3 weeks we drove it in 6 days! It was a much different experience to say the least. This time we took the northern route up through Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado. We knocked off nearly 10 states along the way and enjoyed some good food. If you ever stop in Witchta and want some amazing BBQ go to Bite Me BBQ. Sooo good! 

The girls were their usual wonderful selves until about hour 6 then it all hit the fan until we finally arrived at about hour 8 each day,  give or take.  

Thankfully we arrived on Tuesday and were able to move right into our new home. Our stuff is still a few days out. Yay for parents who are willing to let us crash at their place until it comes! I could not take another night if sleeping on an air mattress...

I have to say though I'm sooo excited that we arrived up here just as the air became crisp and the leaves began turning. Bring on the fall! 

Don't forget to check out my girl Candice's week! They are moving too, but as close to me as I'd like.