Our very first visitors came over this weekend. The girls where beyond excited to have people to entertain them beyond boring mommy and daddy! lol I think it helps too that my youngest sisters are much closer to their age then they are to mine. They adore their aunties T and N and think Granny and Granda are pretty cool too. Loo is still iffy about Granda, but she thinks Granny is funny! Then again she is iffy about any guy that isn't Daddy, so we weren't terribly surprised. 

While they were up my Dad had some seminars to attend, so it was just us girls and my husband getting into trouble. We decided to do some exploring together since none us really know the area. First order of business find a beach! Yeah I know it's as cold as the dickens out and the water is freezing, but there is still something so special about a beach. Thank heavens they are not in short supply up here unlike Alabama was. 

We settled on a park called Point Defiance. Really it's more then just a park and a beach. It has a zoo, botanical gardens, playgrounds, hiking trails and I'm sure more. The place is really amazing and I highly suggest you stop by if you are ever in the area!

I know Candice has been up to some fun stuff, you should stop by her blog and see what it is!