After this week I have realized how much like me my girls are! Along with that massive rain storm that hit the PNW, we have had rain for several days both before and after it. At least in Alabama we had the mornings free of rain before it hit. Not it rains all day everyday just like we were told it would.

Down fall to this, is that the girls are a lot like puppies. If you keep them cooped up in the house for too long they go crazy and start destroying things! Thankfully yesterday there was enough of a break in the weather that we could go out.

To make it even more special my husband took our youngest on a Daddy Daughter date to Cablea's while I took our oldest on a Mommy Daughter date to the park. Loo doesn't care nearly as much as Ames does about the park. She barely mentions it, where as Ames asks every day multiple times a day to go to the park and to ride her bike. I was so happy that I could finally say yes to her insentient questions and go enjoy the fall trappings with her! 

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