Gosh I can't believe we have been here in Dothan already for an entire week! There is something about living in a hotel that really messes with your ability to tell time I think. On the one hand it feels like we got here just yesterday and on the other it feels like we have been here for months! In all honesty I think the stress of my husband not having his orders yet has a lot to do with the time dragging factor. In the military without those few little pieces of paper saying we belong here you can't do anything on base and I mean anything! So it has made the last week rather stressful, especially since we were suppose to have them weeks ago and we need them in exactly a week or else.

To help distract from that stress and to keep the girls from going stir crazy we have tried to get out of the hotel almost everyday. The weather has made that a bit of challenge, but we have really enjoyed that too. In the mornings it's been a nice sun shiny day and in the afternoon we will get hit with an awesome thunderstorm that will only last an hour maybe two, as it rolls on through! So the mornings have been our prime time for adventures and swimming.

Thus far we have explored the Dothan Botanical Gardens, which weren't nearly as elaborate as the one we visited in Albuquerque. But let's be honest though, ABQ set the bar pretty high so it's not surprising. That being said they have really nice grounds and have their own unique qualities that made it a lot of fun, like the two little lakes filled full of fish that you can feed! The girls got a big kick out of that! We even found a TON of little turtles in there.

Right at the end we discovered a love lock gate similar to the love lock fences found in Seoul and Paris! Each lock symbolizes a couples love that they have locked away for eternity. The girls wanted to examine every lock before we were allowed to leave.

The other awesome place we checked out, just today actually, was the Landing Park. It has over 130 acres of things to check out, including a planetarium, hiking trails, playground and a historic little town. We only explored one of the trails and the town since it was soo hot. Even only seeing that little bit though was fantastic! Definitely going to have to go back for several more visits!

If you loved hearing about my crazy week don't forget to pop on over to Oahu and check out my girl Candice's blog to see what they were up to! Until next week lovelies... Have fun, laugh often, give love and God Bless!