Wow it has been a long week... When I wrote last week's post I was actually writing from Fort Worth, TX just outside of Dallas. Just like our journey down to Arizona to pick up my husband we were doing 36 hour stops in each city and Fort Worth was no exception. We enjoyed out time there so much so that I could definitely see myself becoming a Texan one day. When we were planing our time there we wanted to do something that was very Texas, so after chatting with many people form the area we hit up the Stockyard! They do this really cool cattle drive through the town twice a day, which is fun and they have a petting zoo that they girls were enthralled with. Amy couldn't get enough of the misters with how hot it was, which honestly wasn't that bad. However once you add in the little bit of humidity chillin' in the air.....

That next morning as my last post went live, we woke in the wee hours to get ready for the 9 hour drive to New Orleans and to the news about the massacre that had happened in Dallas just a few hours before. It cut me to the quick and made the already long drive feel even longer. We knew we had to stop along the way at least twice for food and small bladders and tried to be strategic about it, but when you don't the roads... That being said we did pretty good with our first stop. Our second stop though landed us directly in Baton Rouge, which put us a little on edge all things considered. Thankfully we weren't in a bad part of town were able to get and out pretty quick.

We were SO happy when we finally arrived New Orleans. I could seriously go on for days about how awesome it was! It almost help me forget all the turmoil going on in the world. The food, the culture, the art and the history! Eeek it was amazing. I wish we had more time then just 36 hours to spend there and no kids or at least older kids. Still we had a blast. I actually went camera-free on this trip, which is a major deal for me. I only used my smartphone except in the room.

Sunday's drive to Dothan, AL, our new home, was a scant 5 hours and it seemed to drag on for  ages! We saw many different types of bodies of water (who knew!) and passed through 4 states in that time, but we finally made it. In the four days we have been here we have explored our new base, found out that we might not get his orders until he has to report at the end of the month (which means we could be spend upwards of a month and half here in the hotel), checked out the library, splash park and playground. Next on the docket is to check out the lake and go down to the beach!

All told this move has taken us 5 months, 12 states, 34 days of traveling and 4,167 miles of driving to get us from Oahu, HI to Dothan, AL. I can happily say though that we have finally reached our destination!  And despite the fact that we can't get on the waiting list for our house yet and stuff, we can still start putting down roots here and make friends!

Here is to our new adventure in Sweet Home Alabama!

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