I can't tell you how nice it has been to be in the same place for a solid week straight! After leaving the Phoenix area we headed over to my Father and Step-Mother-In-Law's in Albuquerque for a week and half of decompressing and relaxation with them. Best idea EVER! I knew that after those two ridiculously hot days in Phoenix any temperatures that Abq threw at us would be cake and they have been. It helps that we came during monsoon season too. We have done lots of fun things while we have been here like checked out the Zoo, hit up the Sandia Tram, visited the Atomic Museum and of course ate at all the good local eateries. Our favorites here are Dion's Pizza, Weck's and Flying Star. We have recently added Richie B's pizza to the list. It's New York style pizza with slices bigger then Loo's entire head! Sooo good!

Today though we did a double whammy and went to the Abq aquarium and botanical garden. It's really cool how they have it set up here. The zoo, aquarium and garden are all connected in some way and form the ABQ BioPark. You can buy a ticket for one or all and use their train to go between them or walk. To sweeten the deal they are pretty freakin' awesome! My girls were in heaven when we went to each of them!


They have a wonderful fantasy garden built just for kids along with a butterfly house. The girls really got a kick of the smoke blowing dragon that kept guard over the drawn bridge that you have to walk beneath to get into the garden.

We have been watching shark, so when we hit the shark tank in the aquarium Ames could not take her eyes away. Loo was more impressed by the water tunnel they had and the fact the fish were swimming over our heads!


It has been so much fun here I am sad to say that this time next week we will be three states away. I am however comforted, by the fact that it will almost be my birthday ( the first one my husband has been able to spend with me in two years) and we'll be exploring New Orleans!

Until next week lovelies! Don't forget to check out my girl Candice's blog to see what she is up to!