Soooo over the last 10 days or so the girls and I have been kind of mia from the world and with good reason. No we weren't hiding somewhere although it did feel that way some times with long hours and the lack of data and cell service! In all seriousness though we were finally making the big trip to get my husband. Where was he, you ask? Well he has spent the last 72 days in a military school located in southern Arizona. Originally we were planning on just picking him up from the airport in Seattle once he finished, but now that he got into flight school (YAYAY!) we needed to make the drive down to pick him up instead, since it is on the way to our new home in Alabama!

8 days, 5 states, 23 hrs 43 mins and 1,605 miles later the girls and I finally arrived just in time to take Daddy out to dinner! To say they were ecstatic would be an understatement!

I will do my best to update more about our trip soon, but it will be another couple weeks before we get over to Alabama and possibly get our new home. Fingers crossed the movers get our stuff there quick! I am REALLY starting to miss my bed!

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