Ahh the burg aka Rexburg up in good ol' Idaho! This would be where some 9 years ago I met and married my husband. 7 years later he and I left for him to pursue his masters degree and we haven't been back since. That is until this weekend and this time it was just the girls and I, with my parents. We recently found out that my husband got into flight school! YAYAY (insert Happy Dance) and with that comes a drastic change in plans including an early departure from the PNW. After talking it over with the parents, we decided to kill two birds with one stone. They needed to deliver a couch to my sister up there and I wanted to make sure I had the chance see my siblings at least once before we hit the East Coast for two years. Heck they both had two kids that I had never met before and they had never met my youngest yet, so off to Rexburg we went for Memorial Day!

It was a TON of a fun to see all of them again even if it was only for two days. This is just a small excerpt from our visit to the gardens on the BYU-I campus. We decided to do a Sunday family outing with ice cream at Auntie Denae and Uncle David's after. The rest of the weekend was just as awesome filled with a Sunrise Temple Shoot with my bro Garet, Zoo time, laughs and a family BBQ!


 It is really hard living the military life sometimes and being away from family. Especially when you have to watch all the family get together a lot without you, but it's these fun and love filled short trips that often get us through until the next time.

So until then my awesome sibs! I love you!

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