Seriously this has to be one of the best weeks for me since we landed on the mainland! Why you ask? Well! I got to see my two of my high school besties and my college besties one day after the other and now I am going on a surprise trip for my girls to see family! The only way to top this week is for my husband to come home early and/or seeing my Army besties!

My high school besties, Cynthia and Mackenzie met me up at our local park with their cutie clan for a well deserved day of fun followed by dinner at Spookys, a local pizza joint. By the way if you ever come to The Dalles or just drive through totally stop by Spookys, it has amazing food!

The girls had so much fun finally having someone to play with again and I missed my Yayas! It may have only been a year, but a year was way too long.


Then the very next day we hit the road to Portland to see my girl Cherry and her family at OMSI! Oh my gosh OMSI is the freakin' bomb! If you are visiting the Portland area and you have kids or you love science you HAVE to go! It's actually called the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and it is awesome.I went when I was a kid and I loved it just as much now as I did then.


I was worried that the girls were going to be tired and cranky when we got there and not enjoy any of it, but luckily they napped the whole way. They had sooo much fun they couldn't stay awake on the way home and they NEVER take more then one nap a day.


All in all I think it has been the best couple of day so far and I needed a pick me up. Well more of an amazing distraction.  We are waiting to hear about an application my husband put in for a school within the Army and the stress of waiting is killing me! We should know by Wednesday, if he got accepted or not and it will change our entire future if he does. No pressure right!

That's it for my week, don't forget to check out Damara's blog to see how hers went!