We have been settled here for about 23 days now. Normally I wouldn't bother counting like that, but when your other half is missing the days seem to drag by. I have tried the same tricks that seemed to work when he deployed, but it's not the same, we're not the same. Despite all of that has changed, one thing has not... our adventurous spirit! This week I took advantage of being so close to my college bestie and made the drive down to Woodburn. Now for those of you who have never heard of Woodburn, OR before, it's located midway between Portland and Salem and well known for it's A-MAZ-ING outlet mall and of course it's tulip fields.

I have been dying to go since my local friends started posting pictures over a year ago. Unfortunately we couldn't make it until nearly the end of the season, so most of the blooms were gone, but it was still a wonderful experience! We are planning on making an annual bestie family date!


They have lots of fun things for kids to play on and explore! Even with all the vendors gone, since it was the final few days, there was still tons of fun to be had!


This is my gorgeous bestie, Cherry and her little one Peyton! If I were to have a twin it would've been Cherry. Little P reminds me so much of girls when they were little, happy, chill and so cute! I still can't get over how adorable she is!26110853434_580e3bdcce_k

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