This week as been a fun one! Mainly we have been trying to acclimate to not having a home and living with my parents in my small hometown. It has been a blessing to be able to move back home, but it has been a major adjustment not having our own space anymore. One of the highlights for the week that I caught on film was our spontaneous bubble adventure into the backyard! Honest we haven't ventured into the backyard before then mainly due to the fact that it's FREAKIN' COLD, but who can resist bubbles? Okay so it was in the mid 60's, which for most people isn't that cold, but for us islanders that is freakin' freezin'!


Loo was definitely more entertained by them, then Ames. She kept cupping her hands and trying to catch them! Ames just wanted to whack the wand on the ground and explore the trail behind the house.


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