Well the time has finally come that  I have been anxiously waiting for and slightly dreading...Moving weekend! Really the movers came and packed us up on Monday and Tuesday, but we spent the three days leading up to it clean, pre-packing and organizing everything to help make things easier on everyone when the movers came. Thank heavens we did too, but I will get into that on my next post, I won't be able to fit it all here! My husband still had to work, so the girls and I ran errands during the day, so by the afternoon when he got off we could enjoy some family time! One of those errands was my youngest's two year check up. She was not a fan of getting a shot, but Daddy cuddles make everything all better. The flowers are from around the clinics here. They always brighten my day.

One of the awesome things the island has to offer is Eat the Street! I heard about it while my husband was deployed and was determined to hit up before we left. We are soo glad we went! There is at least one a month and each one has a different theme. Basically it as a party of food trucks. So freakin' amazing! This week's theme was chocolate it is was very ono (good)! We bought a chocolate churro, oreo and sugar glazed mini doughnuts, a grilled cheese braised brisket sandwich and a mexican style pork sandwich. They were all so good it was hard to pick a favorite!

Saturday we spent slaving away doing lots of chores and we accomplished a lot, but were exhausted by dinner time. The girls were so well behaved and thoroughly bored we decided to hit the North Shore for dinner and some beach time! We LOVE Teddy's Bigger Burgers and the one in Haleiwa is our favorite. Loo kept stealing our pineapple shake she loved it so much! We hit up another of our favorite beaches just in time for sunset and it did not disappoint!

Move day 1 was...interesting. We did a lot of sitting around and being bored. The girls were so excited that the moving truck rolled up that they ran out to greet it and then promptly ran back to the house when they realized there were people in it!

Moving Day 2 was a little more eventful mainly, because the girls kept escaping out of the yard and my husband had to go back to work for a bit half way through the day! Loo got really into saying goodbye to each thing as it went out to the truck. Thank heavens by the time Loo needed a nap the guys had cleared out nearly everything and the office was empty, so I could put up the pack'n'play for her. She passed out in less then a minute.

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