Happy Friday y'all! As I write this my house is looking increasingly empty as we prep for the movers to arrive next week and pack all  of our stuff up in crates to be ship overseas back to the mainland.

With Easter falling right in the middle of all the moving and packing craziness we decided to celebrate early. Our girls are still young enough that they wouldn't know the difference and it would allow us to to it stress free with an entire week of left overs!

Our plan was hatched (hee hee) and it took some sneakiness, but we managed to pull it off without the girls' noticing...too much!


Ames was SO excited she just HAD to go and help Loo get her eggs too. Thankfully Loo didn't seem to mind any. Honest Loo seem to be a little overwhelmed by the whole things, so I am glad Ames helped her out.


We are hoping to avoid candy filled eggs as looong as possible! Last year I had to get real creative. This year I just grabbed a bunch of the mysterious bags in the toy isle and they were perfect.


We didn't do too much since they are so young and we're leaving soon and they still had such a blast. I cannot wait for the next holiday!

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