As our final countdown continues to get smaller we have began to revisit some of our favorite places around the island. This week we spontaneously decided one night to hit up one of our favorite chillin' beaches on the North Shore, Dillingham Beach, for one last sunset there! We call it a chillin' beach, because it's not really good for anything else with the coral being right on the shore line. It is however GREAT for relaxin' on, watching the sunset and letting the girls explore!


Daddy and Ames got ahead of Loo and I on the way down. Ames, I swear only has one speed... TURBO!

I'm really not looking forward to becoming ghostly white again! I have really enjoyed my tan the last few years.

It has taken a bit of time, but Loo is becoming more of a Daddy's girl by the day and I wouldn't have it any other way!


Right after I got this frame we spotted a seal! Unfortunately he was just barely too far out in the water for me to get on film, but he was so cool to watch. In our three years here we have seen a LOT of sea creatures, including dolphins, sharks, turtles and whales, but he was our first seal.

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