Nap time is a sacred time in our house. This is the small window of time that I get to myself during the day, typically to get some work done and to enjoy the quite. For my oldest, Ames, it is that moment she has been dreading all morning and for my youngest, Loo, it is the glorious hour she has waited for ever so patiently.  Yes you read that right Loo LOVES her naps! I have never seen a kid so excited to go to sleep. I mean Ames used to love to take naps and go to bed at night, but she has nothing on Loo! Loo totally takes after her Daddy in that department.

Even better, she wakes up so happy! She is happy and affectionate by nature, but it is getting more and more common for her to need her space when she wakes up. Sadly it seems her cuddly baby stage is slowly ebbing away. If I am really lucky though and catch her right as she is waking up or just seconds after, she is extremely cuddly!

It is always so bittersweet when they leave their current stages for bigger and better things, especially the cuter, sweeter ones. We all know it's coming, but I swear it sneaks up on me every time.

I am rather proud that I managed to get into one of the shots myself. It is rare that I get into the frame, especially when I am clicking the button! That is something I am planning to work on. I really want my kids to have just as many picture memories of me as there are their Daddy and them... well almost as many!

This is what her needing her "space" looks like. I can sit next to her, but only she is allowed to cuddle with me. Oh to be 2 again!

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