I am literally bouncing in my seat as I am typing this I am SO excited!! We finally got the "call" we have been waiting for. For the last several months we have been waiting on pins and needles for new duty  assignment. It has been a long wait, especially as our move date came closer each week. I am a relatively patient person, but when it conflicts with my ability to plan things out my patience level starts dropping pretty quickly. lol For those who aren't familiar with how the military (Army) works with regards to moves. We create a wish list of our top three State side and Overseas locations we would like to go to. If you have a good HR guy and they can, they will assign you to one of your top three, but it's always needs of the Army first.

Our top three are Washington, Colorado and Texas for Stateside, so that we can be close to family. I was praying for Washington, because that is home for me and my husband was rooting for Colorado to be closer to his family. Honest though when Andy got the guy on the phone and he ask him, which one we wanted the most I almost couldn't decided. I wanted to go home SO bad, but I would love to live in Colorado and near my in-laws too. In the end Andy made the call and the our guy came through for us! So without further ado......

Washington HERE WE COME!! My husband is so good to me! He knew that I wanted to go home so much, that he made the choice to be closer to my family for me this time. Next time though it's his turn, if we get the choice again!

The girls were a little leery about getting into the boxes at first, but once they were in they didn't want to get out!

Daddy came home from work while we were playing outside and joined the fun!

I am so relieved to have orders finally, but I am ECSTATIC to be going home! It has been nearly 10 years since I have lived in Washington and 4 since I have been home for more then a week. I could gush for hours about how excited I am for this next adventure and how A-MAZ-ING the PNW (Pacific Northwest) is, but my girls are insisting I take them to the park like I promised.

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