*Sorry about the delay with the post this week I have been dealing with technical difficulties trying to figure out this blog platform!* This week has been a little stressful waiting on the military to cut my husband's orders. We kinda maybe, sorta know where we might be going, but nothing is official until we get those papers in hand. With just a couple months until we have to leave the island this is really cutting things close, which is driving me up the wall. I am very much a planner and would normally have everything taken care of by now. To help get me out of my head and challenge myself photography wise this week I set myself the theme of Adventure!

I set the theme for myself on Tuesday morning with no idea on how to execute it. Wednesday morning hit and I got a wild hair. I loaded up the girls with lots of snacks, snatched up my camera and headed out! Now there are few hidden places around the island that I have been trying to find before I leave. I have been slowly finding them thanks to brainstorming with my bestie! We ended up near one of those places when we finally stopped. It was a bit of a hike, but once we found the spot the view was well worth it and so was hearing my oldest chant " Adventure time" the whole way.

From our hike.

The VIEW!! It was so beautiful and all the girls wanted to do was "see the fishies"!

We were all pretty hot and tired on the way back, but they were such troopers about it! We ended up getting Micky D's after for an ice cream cone as a reward.

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