I have thought long and hard for a while about my Why or what drives my photography. To the point that I started to over think things. In the beginning I had this beautiful post all written out about the four words that I felt fit me the most along with quotes and pictures to go with each one. Then I thought about it some more and some more, then a little more and realized I needed a fifth word, but I didn't know how to make it flow right or how to get my point across the way I wanted to. I have always had a hard time expressing my passion verbally, even more so putting it down on paper. This seemed to be more then that. I felt lost, like I couldn't see the forest through the trees.

Thankfully I have an awesome friend who told me I needed to take a step back and work on other things and it would come on it's own. I cannot tell you how important it is to have good friends and I swear I have some of the best! Anywho true to form I had my epiphany about a week or so later while trying to shower around my two ruffians.

My problem was that I had figured out my Why or my Core, but while I was overthinking things I had dissected! Once I figured that out it was easy to see the forest again, so here it is....

Love Letters

My words had been love, emotion, authentic, honesty and storyteller. On their own they are great, but all together they paint the picture I want to share with my family, the world and generations to come and that is love letters. I know love letter right? But hear me out.

I have never been good at writing love letters or really writing period. Trying to get my emotions on paper is like.... pushing an elephant through a doggy door! Give me a camera though and I can SHOW you what I am feeling. I am a storyteller and writer not of paper, but of film.

I capture all types of love letters, because lets be honest there are many types of love.

There are the Letters to grandparents from families who live far away or just next door.

Letters to couples from each about the love that they share.

Letters to parents from their kids reminding them of the good times and how their beautiful life is.

Letters to kids from their parents, about the love they have for them.

Letters to the deployed or traveling working parent or spouse, of the ones waiting for them at home and how much they love them.

Letters to the best friends without whom they would be lost.

Letters to yourself about how gorgeous, unique and loved your are!

I "write" love letters to family everyday with every click of the button. I capture the things I love most about my girls right now, like my oldest's roar and my youngest attempts at independence. I freeze those moments of tenderness between my husband and his princesses that always melt my heart. The sweet tenderness with which my girls often treat each other will forever be on film, so I can show them later on and say "see you did love each other once!"

This is what drives me, this is why I pick up my camera each day. To me a picture is meant to be more then just a snapshot of something, it is a piece of a puzzle, a line in a story, a window into that moment forever.