I was on a mission in March. I wanted to do three things by the end of the month; a shoot of my girls in princess dresses, a sunrise hike and I wanted to find beach that I seen in a movie from 1953 called From Here to Eternity. I am a big fan of older movies and I ecstatic to find out that is was filmed on the island. Even more so to find out that there was a special little known beach that they used. I searched for two months before I was able to find it and it took me another few weeks before I go the chance to get out there. It was tricky getting down to it, so I had to carry loo-loo in the ergo on my back, hence the lack of pictures of her. Ames had TONS of fun exploring it for me. On the way home we it the very beginning of Hawaiian rush hour, which can take a good few hours to go the 20 miles it takes to get home, so instead we stopped off at Hickam Air Force Base and checked out their beaches too. I think this was one of Ames's favorite outings up until then.

Next on my bucket list for the month was the girls' princess shoot on the North Shore. I was lucky enough to find a dress and skirt that would work at Ross! Loo-loo is less princess like and more just cute, but Ames has more of the look I was going for. That bear to the average passer by may seem like just another bear in a army uniform, but this is actually a really special bear in our family. When my husband left for basic we had just found out I was pregnant with Ames and I needed to be prepared to go through the whole thing, including delivery by myself. Thankfully that didn't happen, but we didn't know that at the time. Anywho we had one last date night before he shipped out and hit up the build a bear and built him together, so that I would have a little bit of him to keep with me through out basic and his advance training. Now we have passed it on to the next generation, along with their Daddy Dolls, to keep them company during deployments.

Lastly but not least I wanted to do a sunrise hike. This one was a little tricky, because the girls had to come with and there are not too many hikes that are stroller friendly here. This one though took on a special meaning for me, as I did it with a close friend of mine right before she left the island. It was our last hoorah together and it was a great way to end our time together here. I really wish I had the guts to say hi to her sooner, so that we had had more time together while she was here! Miss you Coley!

One advantage of living smack dab in the middle of the island is that it only takes a short time to get to most beaches! We did a lot of last minute evening ventures like this one. This is Ko'Oina, one of our all time favorite beaches, at sunset with my girls. We snagged dinner before going to watch the sunset together.

What are some fun things things that you did last year in March?