Every week for my project I try and take pictures continually throughout the week and this week I did, but my favorites came from an impromptu mini shoot with my Ames her Daddy left for work.  Normally I don't let them out the front door. We live on a really busy street and even though we have stop sign on the corner right in front of our house, people still drive really fast up to it and barely stop before taking off again and those turning to leave our community hardly pause for pedestrians. That day though I decided to make an exception, since Loo-loo was down for a nap already and Ames REALLY wanted to watch the cars drive by.

She is such a ham! I have dubbed her my sass-a-frass and she lives up to it everyday. I have to say, while I hate the boundary pushing-tantrum throwing part of this age, I adore all the other parts and I will hate when they pass. Her endless questions and curiosity drive me bonkers and excite me in turns. I hope that she holds on to them forever along with her innocent wonder.

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