February began my overzealous months of exploring my camera and the island. My poor girls were troopers about it, but I ran us all ragged with how much exploring we did. I just couldn't stand being in the house without my husband and so I poured myself into anything that would distract me from the fact that he was gone. Thankfully I realized quickly that this was an unhealthy pace to keep up and changed things. One day I was having a particularly rough time. Driving has always helped me to relax and gain perspective, so I loaded up the girls with lots of snacks, grabbed my camera and hit the road. The down fall of living on such a small island is that you can only go so far before you run out of road! We drove around the entire island that day, randomly stopping along the way to take pictures. The girls were amazing and let me have my time.  These are a few from the East side of the island.


Another day I wanted to explore the west coast beaches a bit more. We don't go over there often, because they are harder to get to from where we live, so it is more of an adventure then some of the others I had been to. Along the way we passed by a church that just spoke to me, of course I needed to then pull over and snap a couple frames of it!

The girls were a bit more restless on this particular adventure. One because it was close to bedtime and two because we were chilling on a cliff, so I was being a little over protective of them! We all had fun in the end, but not without a little hair pulling out.

All the way at the end of the west side of the island is Kaena Point. At the time we stopped just before the trail head for the hike that leads around to the north shore and it was truly awe inspiring. My picture quality was not great at this point in time and does not do it justice by any means!

On another occasion we visited the North Shore. Let's be honest we visit the North Shore a LOT seeing how it's only a 20-ish minute drive, but this is one of the first times I actually went for the purpose of taking pictures.

These last few are just from around our house during the quite moments we had. At this point in time Amy was 2 years old (2 year and 2 months to be exact) and Lexi was 10 months old.