I know I am few weeks late in posting about all this, but I figure better late then never right? Plus I didn't have my blog set up yet, which made it more difficult. Our Christmas festivities started off a little different this last year. Instead of the normal morning routine with girls and a day filled with Christmas movies, I stole my bestie Candice and went for a sunrise hike over on the east shore. BEST IDEA EVER! I will post about that adventure later though. Once I returned home from that fun and showered we decided to toss another wild card on the game and visit the Dole Plantation just north of us for a train ride! Amy, our oldest, has been before, but that was when she was maybe 10 months old. With us moving shortly we wanted to make this Christmas extra special. The goal had been to get a Dole Whip afterward, but they had closed 10 minutes before the train ride ended. The girls were fascinated! Lexi just wanted to dance to the music they played and hang her head out the side, which is a big no-no. Amy on the other hand was majorly cuddly with Daddy in the seat behind us.

After the train ride, the at home fun began! Their Nana and Pop-pop (my side) sent us everything we needed to make Christmas Eve cupcakes as part of our gift, so we did that while skyping with them and starting our Christmas movie marathoning in the background. Right before bed time we opened our one Christmas Eve gift, which is the same every year. Pjs, hot cocoa, candy canes, a Christmas movie or book and this year I tossed in Christmas Mickey and Minnie.

They were SO excited to put on their new pjs and play with their new Mickey and Minnie. To say they were wound up would be an understatement. I still don't know how we got them to sleep! Lexi was so giddy she and Andy were playing a game where he would touch her shoulders and she would fall back on the couch, then get back up to do it again. At one point they were both jumping on the couch and hugging/wrestling with one another!




I love this age, because they are still learning about Christmas. They aren't soo excited that they wake us up super early, but know enough to be excited once we remind them and we hit the stairs. This works really well for us, since we don't wrap or put any presents under the tree until after they are in bed asleep Christmas Eve. It makes for one loong night! This year we watched It's A Wonderful Life while we wrapped our brains out and it helped things along.

Watching their expression when they first see everything is one of my favorite moments of Christmas. I just love seeing their eyes light up with excitement and anticipation! Lexi was still a little out of it, she is soo not a morning person, and it she needed a little help to keep up with Amy, who was just tearing through everything at light speed.

Ahh the post present opening quite.... After all the gifts were lay bare and the paper cleaned up, we finally convinced Amy that she needed to eat breakfast. Lexi never has to be told twice, she loves her milk way too much! They agreed as long as they could play with their toys and watch a Christmas movie while doing it. Normally I would tell them no, but Christmas morning just seems like the perfect time to compromise if ever there was one.

The rest of the day passed in quite contentment, as I cooked Christmas dinner and we watched the girls play with their new toys. Definitely one of our best Christmases! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!