While compiling my pictures for last week's project I was reflecting on this past year and how far I have come and all that I have experienced. Before this I only had my personal facebook page and a portfolio Facebook page I later created to share those images and moments and let's be honest facebook can't do them justice the way a blog can. I seriously should have done this ages ago, but I was intimidated and didn't feel that as a hobbyist I really needed it. I forgot how much I missed blogging! Anywho to get the ball rolling in this beautiful new space I thought review the last year a month at time. January 2015

2015 was the year of our first deployment and January was the start of that. These are from the last couple weeks we had together before he shipped out. We were able to be apart of the Kiowa Warrior Helicopter's final flight in Hawaii. This may not seem like much to some, but to us it was a big deal. My husband's job is to work on those birds and the Army was officially retiring them from Hawaii to the aviation graveyard. It was an amazing sight to behold watching all those 'hawks', as my girls lovingly call them, fly in formation over us! My oldest was over the moon, she LOVES watching them in action!

Our farewell was a short and bittersweet affair. The girls of course had no idea what was happening and it would be several weeks before they adjusted to having Daddy gone.

Post farewell adventures! Andy left toward the end of the month, so there aren't too many of our new adventures here yet, but I had a hard time staying in the house without him. We did a LOT of exploring over the next nine months starting with the base!