Image Credit: Candice MacDonnell Photography

Image Credit: Candice MacDonnell Photography

Hey hon!

First and foremost I just have to say.... I understand. I get being one part domestic goddess and one part hot mess. Loving your kids so much your heart wants to burst and then wanting to sell them to the highest bidder, because they won't stop pushing your buttons. Life is equal parts order and chaos and the beauty of it lies somewhere in the middle. One thing you will never get from me is judgement, so don't worry about trying to impress me, or what I think, because I understand and I think you're amazing just the way you are!

Now I can't expect you to be open and vulnerable with me during your session, if I'm not willing to do the same with you, now can I? So let's have some fun with this! ( I am an open book. If you have a question about anything just ask.)


 image credit: whole nest photography

image credit: whole nest photography

5 things most people know:

  • My husband and I dated 3 times for a total of 2 weeks over the span of a year before we got engaged! (10 yrs and going strong)
  • I'm kind of a Geek.... I have three not-so-secret guilty pleasures I totally fan girl over... Disney/Pixar, Doctor Who and Harry Potter. 
  •  There are two things I NEED every morning: a big 'ole cup of green tea and a few moments to meditate before the monsters get up.
  • I absolutely HATED living in Hawaii for the first year and half! Once I stopped being pregnant, solved the sand issue and recovered from my PPD I lost my heart to the islands, the people and the Aloha spirit there.
  • I am a city girl now, but I am still a country girl at heart and can't live without spending as much time in nature as possible. There is just some amazingly restorative almost a spiritual quality about being in the elements, that I just can't get enough of!

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5 things most people DON'T know:

  • By the time I was 21 I had lived through 4 divorces with my own parents and married into the results of another. For those keeping count that equals 5 sets of parents. It had a big impact on how I view relationships, love, family, and photographs. 
  • In my 3 decades of life I have moved 23 times, all over the US and a little in Europe. Half of those were before I got married and only 7 were military related! It has definitely given me restless feet and an adventurous soul.
  • I don't know when it will happen, but I want to change how the world views and defines families. I want to create more openness and acceptance for all the different varieties of us out there. Love is love not matter what form it comes in and it is the bedrock of society. 
  • I am majorly empathic. I have always been that way, but I used to be able to lock it down, that is until I had kids. Now it seems only to have grown and my tear ducts have only gotten bigger. 
  • I have memory loss and we don't know why. It's not effecting my short term memories, but stealing my long term ones. I am slowly loosing my childhood and have no memory of my girls first two years without the help of pictures. 

Curious to know more? Check out our adventures on the blog or give me a holler

Other wise let's chat about capturing the beautiful chaos that is the stage of life you're in now before it shifts on you and you have lost the chance.  Every one has a story and it has is worth being remembered. It's up to you how in which way and how long it will happen.