Hey Y'all I'm Sam!

Image Credit: The Lost

Image Credit: The Lost

Who am I?

Like most people I am many things.

A foodie, adventurer, nature lover, avid traveler, geek, book addict, baker, movie enthusiast, animal lover, decorator, but first and foremost I am a wife and mother.

I have been married to my wonderful and sexy husband Andrew since 2008. My two very vivacious redheaded girls, code names Ames and Loo, are 4 and 3. They all keep me on my toes! Check out my blog hear about their crazy antics.

I am based out of Lacey, WA and love to travel to wherever I am wanted! 

It is so awesome being back in my home state, although I miss Hawaii terribly! It has stolen a piece of my heart that I pray I never get back. lol

There is nothing I value more than my loved ones, living life to the fullest, making new friends and making sure to slow down and enjoy the small moments in life. 

Why do I do what I do?

That is something I have asked myself a thousand times. In the beginning I saw myself writing love letters to my family while I was shooting. Then it was that I wanted to contribute to my family doing something that I loved. Really though it's much deeper then that. 

I love adventure, history, but most of all I love people. 

Nothing hurts my heart more to see someone grieving over a life lost, especially one lost too soon or suddenly. It breaks it further when I hear that they don't have any good pictures to remember them by. More than that they don't have any way to keep the memories of them alive when those memories start to fade. That right there is one of my greatest fears. If I could photograph just one day for everyone I come in contact with so they don't suffer the same fate I would, in a heartbeat!

I see my gifts as a way to touch lives. To help others to see the collateral beauty in this world, to celebrate life, to inspire, to help lighten a load and to heal. 

 I wanted to help people to the potential and goodness in their lives. To help them to not take advantage of the small moments, because they are ones that mean the most in the end.

I wanted to record peoples' stories not just for them, but also for their families and the world.   

I am a wife, mother, photographer, adventurer, and historian.

I am a Willful Soul.